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Behind the camera of Damian Walters


How did you meet Damian? “The first time I met Damian was at the Barclaycard Freerun Championships in 2009 where he was judging. A few weeks later me and some friends went over to his gym for a open training session. Back then I just got myself a new Nikon camera and showed him a little how to use it, …

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DaSilva Boards – a labour of love and the passion for freedom.


What: Hand-made longboards For: All who like to get down and dirty on a board (or otherwise) By: Ben Kaufman and Alon Meiri Check them out:   How did the idea actually come to light? Alon and I both went to the same design school and at the time (4 years ago) were having a hard time with inspiration in the industrial …

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FLIPP Crashpads – for all those obsessed who never give up.


What: Hardcore bouldering crashpads For whom: For all those obsessed who never give up By: Antony Mitev and Kristian Velinov Check them out: Our team met up with Antony Mitev for an extended interview..  Photo by Yanne Golev So tell me, how did the idea actually come to light? Well, the idea appeared in a very strange way. It happened back in …

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Athlete of the week: Rossen Kovachev


Name: Rossen Kovachev Age: 26 Nationality: Bulgarian Sport(s): Downhill Mountain Biking LEAP profile: Favourite tricks: whip it BIG Favourite music to train to: depends on the mood Favourite events: World Cups Favourite brands: I prefer the quality, not the brand Sponsored by:  GRAVITY, BikeHouse, RAM Bikes, XCo Sports, SpiderSport, Redis Nutritie,, Why MTB? How did it start for you? I have trained other sports on a …

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Team intro: PK Gaza


Team name: Gaza Parkour and Freerunning (PK Gaza) Country: Palestine, Gaza Sport(s): Parkour and free running LEAP profile: Favourite events: Championships like Red Bull’s Favourite spots: London, Russia, Italy Favourite brands:  Red Bull How did it all start? How was your team formed? Team Gaza Parkour is the first team practice for parkour in Palestine and one of the early teams that appeared in the Arab world. …

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